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How to get a beach booty WITHOUT squats! 🍑
May 30, 2018
Even though the squat is a good exercise for your 🍑, you need to mix things up a little, which is why I am giving you 6 moves you can
By: Cecilia Harris
👉🏽 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a fitness programme 💪🏼
May 21, 2018
With so many different fitness plans and products on the market nowadays, it can be confusing which programme is best for YOU in the first place! Want to make a change but
This is how much your body can change within 3 weeks! 😱
May 14, 2018
The body really is an amazing thing!  🙌🏼 If you're willing to put the time and effort into healthy eating and working out, then you really can achieve some amazing results in such a
By: Lucy Mecklenburgh
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Cecilia-"my body has changed since turning 40"
November 17, 17
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November 13, 17
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