Transformation Goals: Lisa Draper
Transformation Goals: Lisa Draper
Which RWL plan have you completed?

New Beginnings

Before weight:

9 stone 11lbs

Weight after completing your RWL plans: 

8 stone 8lbs

What was your situation before joining RWL? 

I have always been down about the way I look , I have tried different diets an excersise things, I wasn’t really over weight but didn’t like the way I look and felt tierd snappy most of the time . Something needed to change couldn’t keep moaning !!!

What were your fears and worries about joining RWL? How do you feel about those fears now?

After I signed up I did think oh no I’m never going to stick to this it looks hard an not something for a busy working mum of two !! But how different it turn out to be it’s worked fantastically with my life and will continue to do so !!! Fab

What specific physical and mental changes have you seen in yourself since starting Results with Lucy?

I’m a lot more confident In myself I wear different clothes and feel good in them , I’m much more energetic and less snappy!! I have a new zest for food and exercise x

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Twitter: @lisadraper81