Failure vs. Success: Why failing is part of your success!

Failure vs. Success: Why failing is part of your success!

By: Cecilia Harris
January 20, 2019

How often have you though to yourself; “I didn’t stick to my diet this week, I’m such a failure”, or “I still haven’t mastered that abs move yet. I’ve been exercising for so long now I should be able to do it, I’m such a failure!”.

You are not alone. In fact, that sense of failure that you feel? You’ve more than likely created that for yourself! Yes, you heard me correctly! You have created a sense of failure in yourself! But what do I mean by this? Let me tell you…

When it comes to health and fitness, there is an endless supply of information available to us. Some of it is scientifically true and researched, some not so much. And when it comes to us having to sit down and map out a plan of action that is going to help us achieve our own personal goals, it is all too easy to get caught up in setting ourselves unrealistic targets to stick to.

Add into the mix the fact that due to the social media culture we live in; we are completely bombarded on a daily basis of women who are stronger, fitter, slimmer, smarter, richer and more successful than we are. What this then does is instil a sense of failure in us whenever we set ourselves targets which are unachievable and then compare ourselves to someone else.

We are so enamoured by the social media accounts we follow for inspiration and motivation, that we can sometimes forget that what we are seeing is a who spectrum of individuals who have carefully selected their highlights to share with the world. What we don’t often get to hear about is the long-term struggles it has taken for those posts we see as #goals to come to fruition. This then reinforces our own sense of failure when we compare ourselves with our internet community.

Did you know that Thomas Edison reportedly took over 1000 failed attempts before successfully inventing the lightbulb? Or that Michael Jordan has been quoted as missing more than 9,000 basketball shots in his career?

For most of us, we are so focussed on avoiding failure that we do not fully focus on obtaining success!


Rather than viewing our failures as First Attempts In Learning, we more often than not adopt a ‘it’s never going to happen for me’ mentality and give up altogether. Better to give up and not try than fail, right?


Failure is life’s greatest teacher!

The big secret is to learn from what isn’t working for you and change your plan! Success is not about how many inches you need to drop or about looking a certain way; these are just the repercussions of adopting a healthier lifestyle. Success is a life-long endeavour. It is adopting sustainable, healthy habits which will see you right through until you are old and grey, sitting in a rocking chair! Success is changing your whole mindset towards looking after yourself.

Fitness is not a 12-week program which provides you with permanent results. The sooner you learn this, the less likely you are to feel like a failure if you do not make it to then end of the 12 weeks!

If your goal is to hit a certain weight by a certain date, or to look a certain way for a special occasion; you fail every day leading up to your self-created deadline. Take away the deadline, and make regular exercise and good nutrition part of your every day life. This is when you will truly succeed.

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Cecilia is the co-founder of Results with Lucy and face of Results with Cecilia.

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