Music as A Motivator

Music as A Motivator

By: Lucy Mecklenburgh
February 11, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE working out with some of my favourite music playing away in the background! 🎼 Music has been researched by many professionals into its benefits in being able to change your mood and as a motivator to get things done… including your workout! 💪🏽

We all get days where we feel we just don’t have the get-up-and-go to do the things we know are best for us. For me, when I don’t quite feel like I want to be getting my workout done, I put on my favourite playlist of feel-good tunes and get to work! 💦

I get such a buzz from putting all of my energy into working out to the beat of some club classic songs. I choose tracks which remind me of fun times with my friends, or those that have uplifting lyrics and a bass that makes you want to go out to the club! The sense of nostalgia of some of the tracks on my playlist bring back some wonderful memories while I am giving 100% to my training 💯

When I feel like I want to slow things down, and have a bit of relax time with some yoga or body flow, then I get the slow jams out to help me find my centre and calm 🧘‍♀

Whatever workout you are doing, there is always a good ol’ song which will go with it! 🎧 So next time you don’t quite have the mojo to workout, try putting on your favourite tunes and get those endorphins pumping while your sweat it out to your Results with Lucy workout!


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