Your Results with Lucy Easy Easter Egg Survival Guide

Your Results with Lucy Easy Easter Egg Survival Guide

By: Lucy Mecklenburgh
April 18, 2019

Christmas 🌲 wasn’t even over for 5 minutes before we started to witness the arrival of the Easter Eggs on the shelves! What about Valentine’s Day? 💕 Or Mother’s Day? Easter can prove to be a tricky time of year for lots of us who are trying to stay on a healthy road, living balanced lives.

Everywhere we go, we are bombarded with clever marketing techniques to help us to ‘buy one get one free’ on popular egg choices 🐣 The children are invited to egg hunts where they burn so much energy running around look for sweet delights, only to leave with a sugar high where mum or dad need to deal with the sugar-crash later on in the day. The ‘chocolate calories don’t count at Easter’ mentality surfaces and at the end of it all, more often than not, we are left feeling groggy, sluggish and dealing with a massive sugar come down 😴

Here at Results we Lucy, we’re not telling you to avoid chocolate Easter eggs at all costs – if you want one, have one! We’re all for that balanced, 80/20 health approach to living. But what we are trying to say is, you don’t have to eat it all, or even buy it if you don’t want to!

Keep your meals balanced throughout the day and if you want a little Easter chocolate, then have it in moderation and try not to let the ‘whatever’ mentality creep into your thoughts.

To help you find a healthy medium, having your Easter eggs and eating them, this year, here are our top 5 recipes to help you use up the leftover chocolate within some of our balanced recipes…


1. Dark Chocolate and Banana Crepes -  they take 15 minutes to make & you can melt your leftover Easter eggs to drizzle on the top 🥞  👉🏽FREE RECIPE👈🏽


2. Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Iced Cups - The perfect sweet treat for all you peanut butter lovers 🤤  👉🏽FREE RECIPE👈🏽


3. Chocolate Mint Mousse - A quick blitz in the blender is all this mousse requires 🍫  👉🏽FREE RECIPE👈🏽



4. Avocado Chocolate Cookies - Grated chocolate or small chunks would be the perfect topping for these bad boys 🍪  👉🏽FREE RECIPE👈🏽


5. Dark Chocolate Chip Bites -  A simple, quick & fluffy healthy banana snack 🍌 👉🏽FREE RECIPE👈🏽


👉🏽 Who says living a healthy lifestyle needs to exclude certain food groups? We certainly don’t! Want to access hundreds more scrummy delights, just like these? Click here to start your free trial to find out more! 👈🏽

Lucy founded Results with Lucy to help ladies transform their health & lives. 

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