Christine Shipley

Christine Shipley

January 09, 2018

Results with Lucy has changed my outlook on keeping fit. I used to go to gyms but got bored with the treadmill, exercise bikes etc. as there was no one to push me and I would either slow down or stop when I got tired.

I joined classes at gyms and leisure centers, but found it difficult to get to the classes due to work and family commitments.

I have bought numerous exercise DVDs but again got bored with the same work out day after day. 

When I joined RWL it changed my whole outlook on exercise. It’s convenient for me to fit in with my work and family, it’s easy to follow, there’s loads of variation with hundreds of workouts and most of all it can be fun too.

I originally started so I could get in shape for my wedding. I lost 8lbs and 14.5 inches all over in approx. 8 weeks. I have gained confidence in myself whilst doing these workouts. 

The recipes are great and easy to follow and they are healthy for the whole family to try.  I am 54 years old and won’t give in to the age thing, it’s a trap! I want to keep fit so this is perfect for me. This is The Future. 

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