REAL RESULTS - Becci Parriss

REAL RESULTS - Becci Parriss

April 08, 2019



Name: Becci Parriss

Age: 31 

Length of current progress: 8 months completed W2M and half way through HH

Weight/Inches lost: 5lbs lost & 6.4 inches all over

- How has Results with Lucy helped you?

Having gone in and out of exercise regimes, classes and going to the gym throughout my adult life, I can honestly say I'm the fittest I've ever been, I have muscles in places I didn't know I had them and having had a baby four years ago, I'm finally happy again with how my body looks. The sense of achievement I feel in having kept up with the programmes has definitely had a knock on effect to my general attitude and approach to my work. This slow and steady approach has meant that, rather than having to constantly keep at it, if life gets in the way for a week, those muscles are still there and it's not the end of the world. For the first time in years I didn't put on a world of weight at Christmas, I still ate what I wanted but because of the change in my attitude towards food and drink, I was still keeping the carbs lower and the protein, fruit and veg a priority while fitting in workouts and yoga sessions. 

The biggest milestone for me was completing the wobble to model programme but not feeling an overwhelming sense of achievement as my mindset had changed so much that I saw it as completing a stage in my fitness journey, rather than it all being over. I'm currently half way through HIIT Harder and I can't believe some of the exercises I'm now able to do - although the golden full push up still eludes me!


- Once piece of advice you would give to anyone who’s looking to join:

You won't regret it! You need to understand that it is a lifestyle change, you won't get results quickly, but when they come they will be sustainable and life changing. And ease yourself into it, if you steamroller in, you'll never keep it up.


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