Wobble To Model

  • 3 months

  • Intermediate

  • Meal Plan


This is it girls, Wobble to Model is the 2nd step in your journey to achieving the body you’ve always wanted! 

Wobble to Model will progressively challenge your fitness over 12 weeks, to help you to lose excess weight, whilst really focusing on strengthening and building muscle. By the end of this plan you will have tightened and toned all those wobbly areas across your whole body! 


We’ve really ramped things up a gear from New Beginnings, so Wobble to Model will have you feeling the burn like you’ve never felt it before! With tons of variety and exclusive, brand new workouts, we’ll make sure we keep you motivated and having fun every step of the way. Thing's are going to get seriously sweaty, girls! 


With our expert nutritionist on hand, you will have access to nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare recipes.

What will you need
5kg Kettlebell


The Workouts
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